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5-1-14 working on this again !! This SITE and the business assets are FOR SALE.   Updated detail will be loaded shortly

***    That's it -  We are officially retired   *** 

There are still some items to sell - if you're interested, just send an email.  We'll be thrilled to see if we can help you with whatever we might have left

THANK YOU for all your business and support throughout our long history





Whether you call BIScuts fashions Dog Show Clothes, Clothing or Apparel, our styles stand out in the ring that say "Pick Me" as your Best In Show !


You've been there. . . . Searching for a great dog showing outfit. You're not asking for much: something attractive, a useful pocket or two, maybe even washable, and you can move appropriately in it. Instead you find drab colors or the reverse, it's gaudy--too tight--too short--can't bend over in it.  Or worse, it's designed like a sack of poor quality fabric. And it's Hand Wash or Dry clean only or falls apart after 2 wearings.  No place to carry a comb, brush or towel. And worst of all...No Pockets! (or pockets that either can't get anything in to or what does go in falls out when bending or moving  .....  yes, we at BIScuts are watching you pick up your brushes and greyhound comes in the ring : >) We did it too for 30 years until BIScuts Handlerwear arrived.  So our styles are designed by dog show women for dog show women with our specific event behaviors in mind.  We've been there, done that  !!

So again   ..........WELCOME and we're so glad you found us !!


  • Pretty, elegant fabrics to compliment your dog.
  • Very limited quantities (one only per size) of most fabric prints and solids with sales tracked by breed area to assist and guard against "seeing yourself" in the ring.
  • Exclusive BIScuts bait pocket with removable plastic liner to hold bait without soiling your pockets.
  • Special Features:  Brush holder loop, towel loop, and comb pocket.
  • Specific Styling Features:  Elastic back waistband on skirts and full elastic waistband on dresses.
  • Designed for comfort and easy movement in washable, breathable fabrics.
  • Great for office and everyday wear - just remove the bait bag first!


What Else Makes BIScuts Clothing So Special?

Simply their Special Features! and

careful selection of the fabrics we use.


So whether you call our fashions Dog Show Clothes, Dog Show Clothing or Dog Show Apparel, our styles stand out in the ring that say "Pick Me" as your Best In Show !


NEWS  NOTE: There is someone  claiming to be selling Best In Show clothes.  Please do not be fooled by this misleading claim.  BIScuts dog show clothes are NOT sold thru to anyone except directly to our customers.              FLASH !!!   I have just been told by 2 other dog show vendors that this individual is now saying that he "makes all the stuff and that BIScuts is a wholesaler for him".  Oh Brothah!  Ladies,  please,  buyer beware ..... be educated on what you are buying & from whom before you hand over any money !  One last comment on this subject .....Top quality is not cheap.  Well bred, top winning dogs do not come from flea market type street vendors!  Likewise, for the most part, the same can hold true for your clothes  ......  you get what you pay for!  BIScuts will no longer repair shoulder seams nor fix hems (yes we have!) on items purchased from this mean spirited competitor ( who by-the-way, has NEVER bred nor shown a dog!!!).

BIScuts   is a Federally Registered Trademark.  All in the 'industry' know that the BIS stands for Best In Show.  Thus the use of

this term in relation to dog show clothes for ladies or women's clothing or apparel for Dog  Show events may easily infringe upon

 this registration  and  violate Trademark law.

show clothes Best In Show

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