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This Website is a 'work in process'.

To actually buy an item - go to the FABRICs section, choose a fabric.  On that page will be which garments are available in that fabric choice AND there is a shopping cart button beside each to make that purchase.

     We are temporarily closed so that we can complete a major overhaul of our business, including this web site and NEW DESIGNS of our garments.

Instead of checking back, if you would like notified when we are ready for our Grand Re-Opening, send an email requesting to be notified.  We will email or snail mail when the big moment arrives.  FLASH  ....  1-12-11 ..... if you have been checking on us ... FYI .... we are VERY close to re-opening for a short time only.... I am trying to retire..... will do updates and new data to enable sell off of remaining  stock ....Updating has begun 1-12-11

Because of spoofing (email identity theft), our email address may be blocked by your Spam blocker.  If you wish to have your email answered or receive any correspondence from us .....  Be sure our address is NOT listed as blocked by your Spam Filter.  Tell your computer to allow email from us.  (We do not use 'cookies' so this part is not a problem)               

OK, so now get back to grooming your dog for the next show or come on in  &  look around         

Different Ways to Use This Site:

Can look at "list of what's in stock" , from there click on fabric numbers to get to fabric page to order that item.


First look thru "Catalog" of garment styles, then go over to "Fabrics" to chose your garment choice in your fabric selection


Look thru all the fabric selections (by clicking on thumbnail swatch list) and see what garment styles are available in those fabrics.




Please bear with us as we completely remodel while still trying to remain open for business.

We show dogs and sew clothes - we're NOT expert computer Web programmers, so our place here is a mess as we learn to do it ourselves.  Just trying to keep our costs down so we can keep our prices lower.

We are loading all the minimum info & detail needed so you can at least make a purchase for now.  As we do this, we continue to stumble over silly details that we don't like the results of.  Example:  When we make a list of "add to Cart" buttons on a Fabric page, we have yet to figure out why the design program spreads the lines apart, making final look like the list has been double or even triple spaced!  After wasting 2 days trying to get the lines to be closer together between these buttons, we made the decision to move on and just add the buttons so you can complete an order.  We will go back later and work on 'scrunching' these lines closer together after we have all other, more important & pertinent stuff done.  So order processing ability (click on buttons) is first on agenda, then we will finish adding garment photos and so on.

We continually find text not centering itself or not wrapping and/or just simply not "layed out" nicely on the page.  We will be going back to edit and re-structure whenever we spot pages that break.

To our regular customers.... apologies that this has taken way, way longer than expected.  Seems Murphy of Murphy's Law is running amuck all over our Web site!  "If anything can go wrong, it usually will, and at the worst possible moment in time"

Reminder notes for Webmaster, to appear here when it's this page's turn and is ready for proper formatting:         

If item is in stock and available for immediate shipment there is a "click to buy it" add to shopping cart icon/button that appears beside the item price.  These are all found on each individual FABRICs page.   If no cart icon, then item has been sold or will say that it is in production or some other status.  "Dibbs" means item being built for an unpaid order - if the "Dibbs" customer changes her mind when that item is ready, it will then become available.  As of 7/1/07 don't believe what you see as in stock or not ..... we're loading pages by "copy & paste", then adjusting detail where needed, thus you may be looking at a garment piece that is not yet edited for accuracy ......  It is best for now to Send an email with the Style Code, Fabric Code and Size of the item you want until we take down our "Warnings" on the "Enter" page at www.BIScuts.com   :<(  We will then validate in stock status & advise you best next step.


Easiest Way to Use This Site:

Go to Browse Our Catalog  and Choose the style(s) you like.  Then go shop the See our Fabrics.  On each Fabric page you will also be provided the details and which size(s) of what styles are available in that fabric.  That is also where you can begin your order by clicking on an "add to cart" button.  We're working on a search tool so you'll soon be able to not have to look up fabrics only to find we don't have your size.  Hugely frustrating for now - we're running in place as fast as we can to make your shopping through our large selections easier & faster  (yeah, shopping is fun but ya'll have dogs to groom and exercise !)  Until a search is completed, you can go to our inventory/stock lists sorted by SIZE or STYLE.  These can be accessed from the "Catalog" page or any of the garment Styles pages found within the "Catalog".   Oh, and by-the-way,  if you are new to using the internet .......  If you see words that are underlined and typed in blue, that means you should be able to click on those words and be taken new the place for more detail about those words.  Perfect example of this is that while on one of our Fabric pages, you will see the Item name typed in underlined blue.  If you don't remember what the "Dress" or "Split Skirt" looked like, you can just click on "Dress" and it will take you directly to the "Dress" page.  There is also a column of clickable garment style names inside "Catalog"...... and while on each garment style page (If on "Jumpers" page) ..... you can click on little thumbnails of possible fabric choices to go directly to those Fabric pages.   I (Webmaster), will come back to this paragraph at a later time to study my wording and make sure I have not left anything out and 'clean-up' grammar.  If you would like to make a suggestion to help it be clearer, especially for newbies, by all means, please do let us know.

"Add to Cart" Shopping Order buttons now working but we still have lots of them to

up-load.  They are being batch loaded most likely now at the same moment you are seeing this. 

 We cannot  not test every single one, so if you find one that is goofing off, let us know immediately.

  Don't frustrate yourself or waste time, just speed off an email telling us which item number on which

 fabric page as best you can.   Please just send us an email describing the items you like (style, fabric number

& size).   We're running in place as fast as we can to get it ALL fixed as soon as we can

figure it out.


"Dibbs" Indicates this Item MIGHT become available if original requester changes her mind ! 

We do not backorder, nor will we accept an  order (no payment)  for an item not yet made in stock. 

What we do is create a Dibbs for you. Customer has no obligation until item is ready to ship.   This means that

we will make the item in next appropriate production run.  Sorry, we cannot commit to an actual time frame as to

when that will happen.  But, when it is ready for shipment, you will be notified.  If you

still want it, you can purchase then and we will process an order.  If you are no longer interested, that is fine with us

(don't be embarrassed or whatever), because we will simply put it out as stock and make available for someone else.

We are confident someone will be thrilled to get it ...... we often have 'back-up' dibbs on file.  These are gals waiting and

hoping original requester indeed changes her mind so it can be snapped up. 

In-between sewing, grooming, construction of our workshop addition and all the rest of the crazies that goes on in dog show people's lives  ...... we're working on this site nearly every day.  Bear with us, getting show clothes to you in time for the next show is our number one priority !!


Show season is upon us, ready-or-not, the dog's new coat may not be in, still needs more road work muscle toning from our long hard winter, construction of an addition for more workshop space has begun ........ never-the-less here we go  ...... we're running in place as fast as we can.  Come on, come run with us !!!



Quantities are Limited

We limit the number of garments made from each print for two reasons:

  • First, we can use more prints which gives the show community more variety and less chance of duplication.
  • Second, most prints we use are manufactured for only one season so we only get one chance to produce apparel from it.

May we suggest shopping early and having more than one choice of fabric in mind when placing orders. FYI ....We sew in

the winter months and majority of our customers do their buying during the very early spring.  Selection becomes minimal during the

summer and fall.


BIScuts   is a Federally Registered Trademark.  All in the 'industry' know that the BIS stands for Best In Show.  Thus the use of

this term in relation to dog show clothes for ladies or women's clothing or apparel for Dog  Show events may easily infringe upon

 this registration  and  violate Trademark law.

show clothes Best In Show

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