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Bear with us, we are still "re-loading" hyper-links to

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"Add to Cart" Shopping Order buttons now working but we still have lots of them to

up-load.  They are being batch loaded most likely now at the same moment you are seeing this. 

 We cannot  not test every single one, so if you find one that is goofing off, let us know immediately.

  Don't frustrate yourself or waste time, just speed off an email telling us which style item number on which

 fabric number page as best you can.   Please just send us an email describing the items you like (style, fabric number

& size).   We're running in place as fast as we can to get it ALL fixed as soon as we can figure it out.


"Dibbs" Indicates this Item MIGHT become available if original requester changes her mind ! 

We do not backorder, nor will we accept an  order (no payment)  for an item not yet made in stock. 

What we do is create a Dibbs for you. Customer has no obligation until item is ready to ship.   This means that

we will make the item in next appropriate production run.  Sorry, we cannot commit to an actual time frame as to

when that will happen.  But, when it is ready for shipment, you will be notified.  If you

still want it, you can purchase then and we will process an order.  If you are no longer interested, that is fine with us

(don't be embarrassed or whatever), because we will simply put it out as stock and make available for someone else.

We are confident someone will be thrilled to get it ...... we often have 'back-up' dibbs on file.  These are gals waiting and

hoping original requester indeed changes her mind so it can be snapped up. 


All of our prices have adjusted so cost is same for customer whether they purchase at a show site OR from the internet.

Note:  We no longer sell internationally.  If you are outside of the United States, do not process payment for an order that

has not been specifically approved to include additional shipping expenses.  We cannot reverse internationally funded payments

for orders that my not be able to ship, so there is risk to you. 


We are now processing payments through PayPal.  You do NOT have to set up a PayPal account

if you prefer to simply use your credit card.  When you get to the check out, you will be shown the

option of which way to transmit payment.  If you wish to use PayPal just sign in there and you know the

drill.  If not, just type in all the necessary details on the left side of the screen.


 If you choose to do a snail mail paper order then print what is in your shopping cart (before check-out),

 and print our order form, fill in all the blanks and mail to us.  Mail to:

                                      BIScuts Handlerwear

                                    6065 Highton St SW

                                    Navarre, OH  44662


Prior to new ownership, BIScuts site did not have a shopping cart. To make shopping with us easier for

you, we have added one AND  this site is SECURE like it never was before.  We have added

security to protect all credit card information. We have never kept credit card numbers

within our system, still don't and never will.  Order transmission is over an encrypted secure socket.

Quantities are Limited

We limit the number of garments made from each print for two reasons:

  • First, we can use more prints which gives the show community more variety and less chance of duplication.
  • Second, most prints we use are manufactured for only one season so we only get one chance to produce apparel from it.

May we suggest shopping early and having more than one choice of fabric in mind when placing orders. FYI ....We sew in

the winter months and majority of our customers do their buying during the very early spring.  Selection becomes minimal during the

summer and fall.



BIScuts   is a Federally Registered Trademark.  All in the 'industry' know that the BIS stands for Best In Show.  Thus the use of

this term in relation to dog show clothes for ladies or women's clothing or apparel for Dog  Show events may easily infringe upon

 this registration  and  violate Trademark law.

show clothes Best In Show

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